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Reformation Program:

Sports and Recreation

    The inmates enjoy sunrise by participating in daily calisthenics. There are various indoor and outdoor sports activities, programs, tournaments and leagues all year round, to include basketball, volleyball, billiards, table tennis and chess. These sports competitions promote camaraderie among inmates, good sportsmanship and team-building. The latest addition is the newly constructed indoor sports center/gymnasium at the Maximum Security Compound which boasts of competition-standard flooring, sound system, locker rooms and bleachers.

      All prison and penal farms have adequate recreational facilities for inmates, both for outdoor and indoor sports. Mini-bodybuilding gyms are available in most prison facilities, including the Muntinlupa Juvenile Training Center and the Therapeutic Community Center for inmates with drug cases.

      For music lovers and musically-inclined inmates, numerous "videoke" centers are available. Musical instruments are available for practice or for use in variety shows..