Bureau of Corrections

Republic of the Philippines


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Wednesday 17 August 2022


BUC-ODG-MC-06 Guidelines for the Granting of Housing Directives to Active Bureau of Corrections Employees at NBP Reservation April 04, 2022
BUC-ODG-MC-05 Public Information Policy on the Right to Privacy of Employees and PDL of the BuCor April 04, 2022
BUC-ODG-MC-04 Standard Protocol on the Utilization and Maintenance of BuCor Vehicles April 04, 2022
BUC-DA-MC-03 Guidelines Defining Privileges, Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Senior Officers (ESO) October 08, 2021
BUC-DA-MC-02 Annual Physical Fitness Test October 08, 2021
BUC-DDGO-MC-01 Standard Operating Procedure on Doctrine and Policy Development Cycle March 31, 2021
MC-17 s.2019 Revised Procedure in Making a Purchase for Goods and Service of Sentence(NBP/CIW) June 14, 2019
Uniform Manual on Time Allowances and Service of Sentence March 08, 2019
MO-5 s.2018 Prohibition on Entry of Communication Device/Gadgets (i.e. Cellular Phones, Tablets, Pocket Wifi, Laptop, etc.) Inside Prison Compounds July 20,2018
DOJ-MC-008 & EO-52-2018 Creating the Program Management Office for Earthquake Resiliency of the Greater Metro Manila Area May 21, 2018
DOJ-MC-006 & OOP-MC-44-2018 Directing All Government Agencies and Instrumentalities, Including Government-Owned Or Controlled Corporations, to Respond to All Public Requests and Concerns within Fifteen Days from Receipt Thereof May 21, 2018
Resolution 001-2016 The Code On Uniform of the Bureau of Corrections December 15, 2017
Memorandum of Agreement - Development and Certification of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for the Bureau of Corrections March 14, 2017
MC-31 s.2017 Creation of BuCor internal Affairs Service under the Office of the Director General and establishing rules thereof June 21, 2017
MO-4 s.2017 Signing Authority of Letter Order June 15, 2017
Therapeutic Community Center Standard Operating Manual April 17, 2002
Prison Agro-Industries Manual
Reception and Diagnostic Center Standard Operating Manual
Bureau of Corrections Operating Manual (Part 1, Part 2)
Escort Procedures and Transporting High Risk Prisoners