Bureau of Corrections

Republic of the Philippines


“Reforming Lives, Community Thrives”

Philippine Standard Time

Tuesday 4 October 2022

Moral and Spiritual

Inmates enjoy freedom of religion. All inmates are free to observe the rituals of their faith, with orderly conduct supervised by prison authorities. A religious guidance adviser or chaplain is assigned in every prison and penal farm. The prison chaplain sets the stage for every regular spiritual activity. He is an officer of the institution who oversees the operation of the prison chapel. He is not only the spiritual leader but also a counselor and adviser.

Prisoners may be baptized or given other sacraments. Religious Volunteer Officers, or RVOs belonging to different church groups provide weekly religious activities ranging from bible studies, devotions, prayer meetings or praise and worship. With a predominantly Roman Catholic prison population, a Catholic Mass is a regular feature in spiritual activities of the prison communities.

Restrictions, however, are imposed if, in the course of religious activities, security is compromised or a program is too expensive.