Bureau of Corrections

Republic of the Philippines


“Reforming Lives, Community Thrives”

Philippine Standard Time

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Work and Livelihood

The Bureau offers a variety of inmate work programs, from agricultural to industrial. The purpose of the inmate work program is to keep the inmates busy and to provide the money for their personal expenses and their families as well as help them acquire livelihood skills, in order that they may become productive citizens once they are released and assimilated back into the mainstream of society.

Different prison and penal farms provide institutional work programs for inmates. At the Davao Penal Colony, inmates work on the banana plantations of Tagum Development Company (TADECO) which has a joint venture agreement with the Bureau. Similarly, the vast tracts of land at the Iwahig Penal Colony are developed and tilled by inmates to produce various agricultural products, thereby generating income for the Bureau. The Sablayan Prison and Penal farm also provide agriculture and aquaculture programs for inmates.

 To this end, the Bureau under the present Director has encouraged agricultural and industrial production by providing farming implements, tractors, fertilizers, and other inputs in order to sustain this area of rehabilitation for inmates.