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“Bagong BuCor sa Bagong Pilipinas”

Philippine Standard Time

Monday 17 June 2024

1st Graduation Rites and 2nd Moving-up Ceremony of NBP-MinSeCamp PDLs Student

On May 23, 2024, the New Bilibid Prison-Minimum Security Camp (NBP-MinSeCamp) through its Education and Training Section (ETS) concluded the first-ever Graduation Rites and 2nd Moving-Up Ceremony to the 57 Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) student in which 37 of whom were under the Elementary Level and 20 from Alternative Learning System-Basic Literacy Program (ALS-BLP).
Present during the activity were NBP-MinSeCamp personnel and Key Officials headed by C/SINSP ROY S VIVO, Camp Commander; C/INSP CARLITO O SANTOS, Deputy Camp Commander; C/INSP ANTONIO P MONTAÑEZ, Deputy Camp Commander for Security and Operations; CSO4 Emmanuel G Vinoya, Deputy Camp Commander for Administration and CSO4 Simplicio D Penuela, Deputy Camp Commander for Reformation.
They welcomed the distinguished guests led by PGEN. NICANOR A BARTOLOME (Ret.) Ph.D who served as Guest of Honor and Speaker together with the DepEd Officials and teachers spearheaded by DR. MARISSA M. ANDANZA, Education Program Specialist, ALS, and Kindergarten and MS. LERMA L GALANG, Education Program Especialist.
The graduates were presented by CO1 Mandy G Gonzales. Ph.D, Chief, ETS to DR. ANDANZA and confirmed by MS. GALANG, certifying that they have completed all the requirements needed of the Basic Education Curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education.
These PDL exerted effort and showed perseverance to finish their education despite their incarceration and advanced age. And under the Elementary Level, PDL FHD topped among their class, PDL MCB in ALS-BLP 1 and PDL DVC in ALS-BLP 2, while some of them received Special Awards.
Meanwhile, in his message, PGEN. BARTOLOME stressed that delivering a speech to PDL graduates is such an honor because it varies from other DepEd graduation ceremonies. He conveys a message on how the 5th Pillar of Phillippine Criminal Justice System which is the Corrections, that mold them into better individuals so they can be good citizens when they are released. He also said that they should not give up no matter what challenges of life they may face. “ You must continue to strive and keep on enhancing the skills that you have and try to learn the good things that you will be benefiting once you are released,” he added.
It is indeed a momentous event for our clientele since it serves as reward for their enthusiasm towards education. It also gives encouragement to their co-PDLs to enroll in the said education program being offered to them. In his class valedictory address, PDL FHD was very grateful to the Bureau’s partners and linkages, Corrections Officers and resident PDL teachers. He was thankful to CO1 Gonzales and CO1 Ruth C Tutor for their encomparable efforts in teaching him and his colleagues. “ You always teach us to encourage and never to discourage,” he said.
NBP-MinSeCamp in the leadership of C/SINSP VIVO through the guidance of the BuCor Director General GREGORIO PIO P CATAPANG JR., AFP (Ret.), CESE, CCLH expressed his congratulations to all PDL graduates.
To all men and women of this camp who became part of the success of the said event, KUDOS!
CO1 Vina G Pangsiw