Bureau of Corrections

Republic of the Philippines



Philippine Standard Time

Wednesday 29 May 2024

PDL’s inventions shine a light on creativity behind bars

In the confines of Bilibid, a place not typically associated with innovation and creativity, a Person Deprived of Liberty (PDL) has managed to invent a throw ball shooter game with limited resources at his disposal.
The PDL has reached out to Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Director General GREGORIO PIO P CATAPANG JR., AFP (Ret.) CESE, CCLH seeking support in establishing a small manufacturing facility for his patented invention.
The Articulated Throw Ball Shooter, with Philippine Patent No. 12012000352-B, offers a unique basketball shooting experience that can be adapted for individual or multiplayer engagement. This innovation blends manual and digital interfaces, aiming to revolutionize the basketball shooting experience. The inventor’s request comes as he seeks to contribute to the enhancement of work and livelihood programs for PDLs at New Bilibid Prison.
The PDL’s second invention, a two-player soccer game, is currently in the process of obtaining a patent. This unexpected display of talent and ingenuity serves as a reminder that creativity knows no bounds, and can emerge in even the most unlikely of settings.
DG CATAPANG provided reassurance of continued support from BuCor to facilitate the PDL’s collaboration with key government agencies to receive expert guidance on the inventions. This support aims to help the PDL navigate innovation regulations and receive the necessary assistance to bring their creations to fruition.